As a teacher, I have often wondered, what set apart some students from others with respect to MOTIVATION Why do a handful few work hard toward good grades and compete with each other whilst most others seem indolent and apathetic ? Studies point out that apart from the ten percent of a class that may be impacted by some form of learning disability, the other ninety percent have about the same capacity to learn. Sure, their styles of learning may differ, but, possess almost the same capacity to learn.

Two factors come to mind due to long experience as a teacher and personal experience as a parent.

CONDITIONING, not necessarily a bad word, shouldn’t bring to mind only soldiers out to give or take lives due to propaganda or people helpless to their conditioning. Parents who had taken trouble to set their child a regular study time at the outset and ensured adherence to it strictly, in a manner conditioned them to an extent that no matter what, that child would continue to use that study time constructively and achieve good grades.
DIRECTION or awareness of the same that the pupil wants to take as an adult makes the student focus concentrated efforts on the given tasks culminating in a successful performance. Lack of direction results in an aimless pursuit of something not yet concrete thereby leading to indolence or apathy. Late bloomers are of course an exception !
Lastly, it must be said that successful grades neither ensure a successful professional nor a contented life. But concentrated efforts and hard work through which they were gained are treasured habits that hold one in good stead lifelong.

Mrs. Annie Varghese

Asst. Teacher