Grade Theme International Partner Schools
Jr. KG & Sr. K.G. The ABC's of National Animals
Students learned about national animals of different countries & their characteristics.
I & II Folk tales: Impact on life from around the globe
The project helped students to gain mastery of genre of three different countries and their culture.
Kikombe Secondary school, Zambia
III & IV Football – One Team, One Dream
The project helped students to acquire fundamental skills, developed sportsmanship sprit and love for the game.
V & VI Money never sleeps
Students explored facts about currencies of 4 different countries in terms of currency exchange and historical reference of respective countries.
Christ Church Girls College- Sri Lanka & Pannala National School, Sri Lanka
VII Poems unfurled
Students learned about the evolution and significance of the flags of different countries, and also developed an appreciation of literature and culture of other countries.
Mission Trail Middle School Kansas, USA, North America
VIII Global civics for world citizenship
Students learned the skills of active citizenship, also identified the similarities and differences in the civic sense of people in Singapore and India
IX Creating models of global workmanship
Students developed language skills and enterprising skills.
ISA Curriculum Activities 2015 - 2016