Jogeshwari School Smt. Surajba Vidya Mandir

The academic year 2014-15 proved to be both challenging and fulfilling in more ways than one for Smt Surajba Vidya Mandir School. A new head, new policies of the management, special advisor to the school driving the faculty to new heights as well as participation in the race for the ISA award set up challenges heretofore unfaced. Fulfilling all the more, for having met them and surmounted, culminating in the winning of the ISA award. Participation in the ISA was an eye opener for student body as well as faculty. From thinking of ourselves as minnows who were embarking on an impossible task to eagles who soared high in jubilation was a journey that ‘both’ would not forget so soon. ‘Globalisation’ an oft repeated term in the curricula of History, Geography and Economics came alive in the quest for the ISA. Credit also goes to management and special advisor to the school for movement from conventional pedagogical style to a more modern and innovative outlook of delivering curriculum in and outside the classroom.

Therein participation in the ISA proved to be a boon as perforce ‘out of the box ‘thinking seemed to be the norm. Learning about flora and fauna of the world, learning about various countries who participate in soccer as well as training and participating in a friendly soccer match in a cricket crazy nation, dealing with currencies and flags of many nations, reading works of international giants, researching local self- governing bodies of nations with enhanced civic sense and finally, researching on and being inspired by various entrepreneurial giants of India and the world was a yearlong odyssey well traversed by the student body, with guidance and help from both faculty as well as parents. Online collaboration and conversation with foreign students saw an unprecedented enthusiasm among the students to learn more about their ways and for further interaction. After this enriching experience it would be difficult, rather impossible to slide back into the conventional and moving ahead seems the only way.

ISA Projects 2014-15